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I am grateful for the many opportunities I've had to share ideas at conferences and meetings. One of the best parts is when I learn new things from my audience! The handouts and updated materials from some of my sessions can be found below. If you have ideas to contribute to any of these topics, please contact me and I will gladly update the webpage with your insights. 

Please see the "Scholar" tab for research presented at conferences. 

Apps Chosen by Music Teachers

Creating a Website to Tell Your Story (and meet your other needs too!)

Creativity and Musicality in the Beginning String Class

The Joy of GarageBand: It's Not Just for General Music

More Bridges, Fewer Walls: Building Connections with Communities in Your Orchestra Program and Beyond!

Repertoire, rehearsals, and representation: Diversity in the Orchestra

Technology in the Music Classroom: Equipment, Online Tools, and Apps (Oh my!)

The Unconventional String Ensemble: Successful Rehearsals and Music Selection Do Exist!

Why Would YOU Hire YOU? Preparing for a Successful Job Interview